Experienced Professional Marketers

Hire a virtual marketing director from Invoke Media and give your marketing team the drive and direction it needs to succeed. Spend time on the areas of your business that need you most, and let an experienced marketing director with a wealth of knowledge drive your marketing & develop your team.

  • Improved Profitability

    Boost the revenue generating department within your business with an experienced professional

  • Accountability

    Ensure your team or outsourced marketing agencies are held accountable and kept on track

  • Flexibile

    Add marketing talent to your team with a flexible agreement

  • Access to Network

    Use your new marketing director to access a professional network of businesses, suppliers and SME’s across the region

Complete the form and book in an no-obligation initial consultation to see if we’d be a good fit to work together. We’ll be in touch within one business day to arrange a phone or Skype call at your convenience.

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What’s Included?

We understand that a team can’t be completely managed online or by calls, which is why your virtual marketing director will be on-site at least once a month, and available throughout business hours to handle any situations & queries.

Having a dedicated director level professional to monitor your team or third party agencies keeps them accountable, ensures the progress of projects & campaigns, and brings in a new range of marketing skills & experience to your business.

The initial commitment is for three months and then moves to a 30-day rolling agreement, keeping it as flexible and low commitment as your business requires.

  • Team Recruitment

    Recruitment and selection of new marketing team members when required.

  • On-Site Working

    On-site meetings and work days at least once a month, meaning your team get face-to-face contact.

  • Weekly Team Meetings

    Weekly team calls or Skype, and check in’s throughout the week.

  • Collaborative Campaign Planning

    Marketing strategy created and campaigns collaboratively planned & executed.

  • Support

    Support for your team via email and phone. Workshops and training sessions.


£2000 per month +VAT

3 month initial commitment, then 30-day rolling agreement.


  • Marketing Director
  • Average UK Salary
  • Additional Costs (Holidays, Sick Days, Pension, Admin, NIC)
  • Recruitment Cost (Advertising, Agency Fee, Training etc)
  • Total:
  • Marketing Director
  • £83,984
  • £10,414.86
  • £6,000
  • £100,398.86
  • Virtual Marketing Director
  • £24,000 (exc. VAT)
  • £0
  • £0
  • £24,000

Cost Difference Per Annum: Approx £76,398.86

Approximately 76% difference in cost.


“It’s been an absolutely amazing alternative to hiring full-time, and they’re always on hand to provide support and direction for both the marketing team and the other directors. Would highly recommend to any business looking develop their marketing capability”.

Tom HavlinManaging Director, GetGroup

“Since employing a marketing director & manager from Invoke, we’ve free’d up time to concentrate on the core elements of our business. We’ve got a clear marketing & communications strategy, and more importantly the means of ensuring it is implemented. It’s been worth its weight in gold, and the in-depth consultations with Jack have actually made us rethink our business model”.

Roger SingletonDirector, Riscon Solutions

“We understood the need to take on skilled specialists to help & support our future growth. Now our small team can do what we love and do best, and let Invoke do what they do best! Really would recommend to anyone”.

Guy BrownDirector, Frame North

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