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Accountants Race to Make Payroll Claims during Coronavirus Crisis

Read Time: 4 Minutes   The Coronavirus crisis has seen the government making sweeping, unprecedented changes to the welfare system to help keep businesses afloat and employees in work. While their highly-praised Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has provided a much-needed lifeline to companies facing the very real threat of closure, the generosity of the scheme has […]

The Importance of Having a Local Marketing Strategy

Read Time: 4 Minutes   There are many factors which businesses consider when choosing an accountant, such as experience and industry knowledge. However, location is also one of the key factors which influence businesses decisions when searching for an accountant. According to our research, 62% of micro, small or medium-sized business owners felt that having […]

Now is the Time for Accountants to take the Lead

Read Time: 4 Minutes   The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to the way we live and work in the UK. Never before has such a huge percentage of the world’s population been subject to quarantine at the same time, and lockdown has meant both individuals and businesses across the country have had to […]

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Digital Usage in Lockdown: It’s Time to Adapt and Overcome

Read Time: 6 Minutes   The current pandemic and associated crisis are understandably causing considerable uncertainty and anxiety. People are struggling with feelings of helplessness and fear, as they try to adjust to the new normal way of life offered by lockdown.  Of course, the media plays its role in spreading fear and negativity, with […]