The marketing challenges facing legal businesses

The Marketing Challenges Facing Legal Businesses


For businesses operating in the legal sector, as with most sectors, marketing is an essential component of  operation. But it’s also one of the most expensive and frustrating. Trying to identify, reach out to, and then engage with your future clients is time consuming, costly and sometimes just doesn’t feel worth it.


The highly competitive nature of the industry, as with the insurance & consumer credit sectors, drive up marketing costs and sometimes means the smaller, regional or local businesses are driven to more traditional or less effective means to source their clients.


Many of these traditional forms are hard to measure, and sometimes it feels as though you may be flying blind. One of the biggest things I promote, is the importance of measuring ROI. I’m breaking out into a cold sweat even talking about it. If you don’t know what return you’re getting, how do you know it is worth it and you aren’t just pissing in the wind (for want of a better expression). That is why I love digital marketing. Every click, view & conversion is measured and reported, so you know exactly how much each client cost from flash to bang.


On top of all that there is the issue of remaining compliant and legal yourself. It’s sometimes a struggle walking the tight-rope of making a profit and following the rules to the letter. Lead generation companies are now no longer allowed to solicit and pass on client details to legal firms, although some are finding ways around this.


If you are lucky enough to have an in house marketing manager or team, they will be all too aware of this constant struggle. But they will also have honed their senses and be able to walk that tight-rope with their eyes closed. They’re an asset, but the very thing that makes them one, their knowledge of your sector, also means that often they aren’t current with other forms of marketing or are blinkered into a way of doing things. That is perfectly understandable, and unavoidable. We simply can’t know everything, be up to date on all the latest developments and be a specialist in every field. That is why I always preach the value of collaboration and synergy. “Of course you would say that” I hear you shout. Well yes, but there is nothing to be lost from learning. However, many within these marketing departments are cynical or apprehensive to work with an outside company, they may see it as a threat or challenge to their job. I would say that that outlook is more of a threat to their job than anything. We all need to embrace each others talents, specialities and skills, learn from them and use them to work towards a common objective. It is certainly not my intent when I reach out to legal businesses, to take anyone’s job. In fact quite the opposite! I don’t have the time or skill set to perform all the tasks required. I just want to get in there, get the job done, do what I do best and work alongside someone who is essentially an subject matter expert for their business.


I regularly give advice, conduct audits and generate plans with businesses in the legal sector, at no charge, on the hope that they will implement it, see it works and then come back to me when they do need some specialist work doing….and they often do.


So whether you are a partner in a firm, a lone wolf, the marketing manager or even just someone perusing these blog pages, if you take anything away from this it is that firstly There is nothing to be lost from learning, and secondly that collaboration and synergy promote growth. If you want to know more, just get in touch! Press the contact button at the top of the page.


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