The importance of being organic (in your SEO!)


Whenever I’m asked about the best way for businesses to reach that coveted number 1 spot in Google, my answer is always the same: Organically. Stating that as a one word answer often receives rather confused looks, so I usually have to explain myself.


Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about building your website’s search rankings up. Major search engines do not let you pay for high rankings in the organic sections as they use complex algorithms for a better user experience. Generally, the process is longer but a lot more effective in the long run. It’s all good paying a fair amount to get your business to the first page, but if it’s not going to stay there, what’s the point?


As a test, I want you to think about the last time you actually made it to the second page on Google when you were looking for something. After doing some research on this myself, I can say that, if you answered somewhere in the region of “never” to “maybe once when I was desperate” then you aren’t alone. A lot of sites reckon that on average, between 80-90% of us don’t. That’s a lot of potential traffic that you aren’t getting to your site. More traffic means more potential to convert.


“But I’m using Adwords!” You might answer; “I’m already on the first page of Google, why do I need to build my site up organically as well?” It’s simple really. Adwords is a great tool for marketing your site, but it only goes so far. There are over 10,000,000 users of the top two ad blocking apps on the google extension store for Chrome. With this in mind, do you think that your advert, now blocked from being viewed, is being as effective as one that isn’t blocked? In short, Adwords is a great short term solution if you want to boost traffic but building your search ranking up organically will mean that your site can be viewed by all those searching for your keywords with that pesky ad blocker installed.


For the small business owner, Adwords is a great way to target traffic while you’re building up your site organically so please don’t think this is an article warning you against using Adwords. The best approach is a balanced strategy focusing on both Adwords and organic SEO in order to maximise the traffic that your site should be getting.




Organic SEO is important for your site in the long run but don’t underestimate Adwords as a balanced approach is the most effective strategy for your site to perform well in the long term.